Directory of Continuing Education for Physical Therapists

CE For Therapy is a Directory of Providers of Continuing Education for Physical Therapists, with 1000’s of CE topics, certifications, and specializations. The Comprehensive Provider Directory offers 1000’s of Physical Therapy CE Opportunities, Techniques, Methods, Certifications, Specializations, and Topics. Also, we are scanning for new Physical Therapy CE opportunities continuously. Therefore, the website is always as up-to-date as possible.

Certifications/Techniques Page

Our CE For Therapy  Certifications/Techniques page has an extensive database of Physical Therapy Certifications, Courses, Methods, Specialties, and Topics offered by Continuing Education Providers. Correspondingly, If you are aware of additional Physical Therapy Certifications, Specialties, Courses, and Topics that you think should be added, please contact us. Recent additions to the Certifications/Techniques page include Fascial Manipulation Specialist Certification (CFMS), Functional Standards for Optimal Aging Expert Certification (FSOAE), Selective Functional Movement Assessment Certification (SFMA), Thrust Joint Manipulation Certification (Cert. TJM), Wellness Coach Certification (CWC), Geriatric Training Certification (GTC), Remote Ergonomics Assessment Specialist™ (REAS), and Musculoskeletal (MSK) Soft Tissue Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) Certification.  

Conferences Page

Our CE For Therapy  Conferences Page lists multiple Annual Conferences and Meetings that would be of interest to Physical Therapists and Assistants. Recently added Conferences include Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine Annual Conference 2020, American Academy of Orofacial Pain 2020 Annual Scientific Meeting, American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine 74th Annual Meeting, Academy of Spinal Cord Injury Professionals 2020 Educational Conference “One Vision on the Magnificent Mile!”, and American Academy of Orthopedic Medicine 2020 – Cutting Edge Solutions for Cutting Edge Physicians

Credentials and Acronyms

The CE For Therapy Credentials and Acronyms page contains an extensive database of Physical Therapy Credentials, Acronyms, Designations, and Physical Therapy Honors being used by Physical Therapy CE Providers.  We are continuously adding to this page. Recent additions to the Credentials page include AAOP, ACPP, CCTT, CAFS, Certified Expert in Applied Geriatric Neurology (CEAGN), Functional Standards for Optimal Aging Expert Certification (FSOAE), Remote Ergonomics Assessment Specialist™ (REAS), and CAPS = Certified Aging in Place Specialist. We will let you look up the other four examples.

Directory of Continuing Education for Physical Therapists

Specialty Category Posts

CE For Therapy has individual posts for Course Providers of some of the various Physical Therapy Specialty categories. These include Dry Needling, Lymphedema, Pain Management, Aquatic, Geriatrics, Neurology, IASTM, Orthopedics, and Manual Physical Therapy.

Physical Therapy Continuing Education

Physical Therapy Continuing Education

Mississippi Dry Needling Education and United Dry Needling Education are currently the only Dry Needling Education Providers designed for physical therapists whose state practice act requires fifty face-to-face continuing education hours before you can even needle a patient. With MS and United Dry Needling Education, you pay one affordable price, you take two classes which are scheduled two weekends in a row, you pass a comprehensive exam and check off, you get credentialed with the state, and you start treating patients immediately. If a clinic has five or more therapists they wish to get certified, MSDN/UDN can come to you! Avoid lodging and travel expenses for your therapists and earn dry needling in your own clinic in a uniquely intimate environment. In 2021, MS Dry Needling Education will be launching “Pelvic Floor Dry Needling: Implementing a Specialized Approach to Pelvic Pain and Dysfunction”

Directory of Continuing Education for Physical Therapists

Geriatric Physical Therapy Courses

CE for Therapy presently features 21 providers of Geriatric Physical Therapy Courses on the Provider Directory page Link to Geriatric Courses. Here are some brief descriptions and links to a few of our favorites:

Geriatric Physical Therapy Courses

Great Seminars and Books offers multiple Onsite live and Online Physical Therapy CE courses, mostly focused on treatment of older adults. Dr. Carole Lewis began Great Seminars in 1989 with the hope of bringing evidence based care to the rehabilitation community. GSB live courses have educated over 30,000 therapists and the company is constantly striving for excellence and participant growth and satisfaction. Geriatric Training Certification and Applied Geriatric Neurology Certification are offered, and GSB also has Home Study courses, and over 15 books or learning tools that are easy to use and order.

Celebrating 30 years of life-changing learning, Education Resources Inc.  Link to ERI provides physical therapy continuing education courses that remind you why you became a therapist. And why you love what you do. Learn skills you’ll use right away, through hands-on learning, both live and online. At the heart of it all, it’s about improving outcomes – by improving patient care. ERI strives to be your Preferred Provider – your go-to source for all of your physical therapy continuing education needs, across the patient’s lifespan – neonatal through adult and geriatric care. ERI Geriatric courses include Pharmacology Fundamentals for Therapists; The Frail Elderly: Realistic Strategies to Improve Function; and Post-Acute Rehabilitation of the Complex Elderly Patient.

Educata  Link to Educata is a leading independent provider of online continuing education for rehabilitation professionals. Educata utilizes an interactive platform to deliver a unique online, evidence-based learning experience. The company offers a broad spectrum of online courses from acute care to outpatient care; from musculoskeletal to cardiopulmonary and oncology; from pediatrics to geriatrics and from differential diagnosis to preventative treatment programs.

More Geriatric Courses

LSVT Global, Inc.  Link to LSVT trains and certifies physical and occupational therapists and students in LSVT BIG®, a specialized, evidence-based therapy to improve function and movement in people with Parkinson disease and other neurological conditions. LSVT Global has trained over 38,000 speech, physical and occupational therapists from 73 countries through in-person and online courses and offers advanced training and life-long resources to support LSVT BIG Certified therapists. LSVT Global also offers webinars, seminars and exercise support tools to patients globally.