Dry Needling Physical Therapy Courses

CE for Therapy presently features 9 providers of  Dry Needling Physical Therapy Courses on the Provider Directory page. Here are the brief descriptions and links:

Mississippi Dry Needling Education https://www.msdryneedling.com/ is currently the only dry needling education provider specifically designed for physical therapists whose state practice act requires fifty face-to-face continuing education hours before you can even needle a patient. With MS Dry Needling Education located in Oxford, MS, you pay one affordable price, you take two classes which are scheduled two weekends in a row, you pass a comprehensive exam and check off, you get credentialed with the state, and you start treating patients immediately.

The Manual Physical Therapy Alliance https://www.mptalliance.com/courses/hobbs-masters-series/ is the only approved provider of Jon Hobbs’ Masters Needling Series in North America. The Hobbs Masters Needling Series is designed for both novice and experienced healthcare professionals that desire to have a better understanding of a comprehensive therapeutic needling system, as well as the development of a complementary clinical reasoning mindset to better serve their patients.

Structure & Function Education https://structureandfunction.net/ is an education company dedicated to bridging the gap from rehab to performance. Structure & Function Dry Needling (SFDN) is a system of dry needling developed by Sue Falsone, utilizing her vast experience with rehabilitation and performance of the professional athlete. SFDN incorporates Sue’s knowledge from decades of education in dry needling, pain management, differential diagnosis, fascial manipulation, soft tissue mobilization, visceral manipulation, and movement efficiency and skill.

Dr. Ma’s Integrative Dry Needling Institute https://integrativedryneedling.com/
Offers 40+ years of clinical and research experience that has brought the Neurologic Dry Needling concept to the clinical mainstream. It provides a dynamic and flexible treatment model that goes beyond solely treating local pain points to systemically targeting zones of peripheral neurogenic sensitivity.

More Dry Needling Physical Therapy Courses

KinetaCore’s Functional Dry Needling (FDN) Level 1 course https://www.kinetacore.com/educational-offerings/course/level-1/ gives clinicians the tools to elevate their practice to a new level of patient care. This foundational Functional Dry Needling course of study teaches the insertion of fine filament needles into neuromuscular junctions/motor points, stimulating the muscle, and bringing unbelievable pain relief and significantly improved function to athletes and patients who have been suffering for years.

Master Dry Needling Seminars https://www.masterdryneedling.com/dry-needle-courses/ Offers a three day introductory course to utilize DN in clinical practice and is open to Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Chiropractors, Physicians, Nurses, Physician’s Assistants and Athletic Trainers. It covers the use of DN techniques in trigger points, myofascial pain syndromes and its use in musculoskeletal injuries and disorders.

Dry Needling Physical Therapy Courses

The Institute of Advanced Musculoskeletal Treatments Link to IAMT
TRIGGER POINT DRY NEEDLING LEVEL 1 course is designed to teach introductory level techniques for trigger point dry needling throughout the entire body. The course also presents the clinical reasoning and scientific rationale behind the application of dry needling and teaches the local and global proposed mechanisms that occur with its application. This lab intensive course consists of a vast number of needling techniques in conjunction with soft tissue mobilization, taping and functional case based treatments.

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Dry Needling Physical Therapy Courses