Physical Therapy CEUs

CE for Therapy has compiled a comprehensive database of 100’s of Continuing Education Providers that offer Physical Therapy CEUs. Link to Comprehensive Provider Directory The Provider Directory offers literally 1000’s of Opportunities for Physical Therapy CEUS , Techniques,  Methods,  Certifications, Specializations and Topics.

Featured Provider – Positional Release Therapy (PRT) Institute

Positional Release Therapy (PRT) also known by its parent term, strain counterstrain, is a form of manual medicine that resolves pain and tissue dysfunction. PRT-i faculty utilize sound evidence-based adult learning teaching approaches so that your learning experience is both rewarding and lasting. All instructional offerings adhere to an instructor to participant ratio of 1:12 to maximize your hands-on learning experience. PRT-i offers multiple courses, including “Positional Release Therapy: An Evidence-Based Update”, “Spine and Pelvis PRT”, and “Lower Quarter PRT”.  Link to PRTi Courses The Positional Release Therapist Certification (PRT-c®) program is described on the Certifications/Techniques page. Read More

Another of our featured providers is a well known provider of Online Physical Therapy CE,  MedBridge.

Physical Therapy CEUS

Physical Therapy CEUS

MedBridge currently has a growing library of over 900 accredited, evidence-based courses offering Physical Therapy CE listed on its search page, with many new courses added monthly. Topics include Acute Care, Documentation, Business & Marketing, Compliance, Cardiovascular and Pulmonary, Geriatrics, Neurology, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Sports, Women’s Health and Pelvic Rehabilitation, Hand Therapy, Ethics & License Requirements, Direct Access, and Exercise Physiology. Within those multiple topics, we have noted some particularly interesting courses such as Bike Hab: Exercises for Biking Link to Bike Hab, presented by    Jay Dicharry, MPT, SCS, The Functional Manual Therapy® Approach to the Pelvic Girdle presented by Gregory S. Johnson, PT, FAAOMPT, and Sports Hernia Injury, Rehabilitation & Prevention, presented by Tim Tyler MS, PT, ATC.

Physical Therapy CEUS

Physical Therapy CEUS

There are 4 separate Advanced Certification Prep Programs that are offered by MedBridge.  These include the SCS Prep-Program, the OCS Prep-Program, the GCS Prep-Program, and the NCS Prep-Program. These programs give the participant the tools needed to pass the individual specialist certification exams. And they also gain expertise, and elevate the profession. This all occurs while earning Physical Therapy CEUs. These prep programs align with the Sports Description of Specialty Practice, and the Orthopaedic Description of Specialty Practice. They also align with the Geriatric Description of Specialty Practice, as  defined by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties.


We have noted that the MedBridge GCS Prep-program includes courses from well known clinicians. This includes Kathryn Brewer, PT, DPT, MEd, GCS, CEEAA,  Jennifer M. Bottomley, PT, MS, PhD, Karen Mueller, PhD, DPT, PT, and Kay Wing, PT, DPT, NCS. MedBridge has included in the the GCS Prep-program   course titles such as Medicare A Essentials: Documentation and Key Concepts, and Integrating Priority Outcome Measures When Assessing Aging Adults. The Adult Learner and Implications for Patient Education, and Medical Complexity : Defining Frailty and Age-Related Changes are also Included.

Physical Therapy CEUs Tracker

MedBridge now offers 70+ compliance courses to help clinics and organizations streamline compliance training, mitigate risk, maintain profitability. Compliance courses also help clinics stay in accordance with regulatory requirements. The MedBridge site also contains Breakout Videos, Reference tools, a Physical Therapy CEUs tracker and periodic live Webinars. Medbridge also has 300+ Pediatric Physical Therapy CE courses across all disciplines. These include a substantial number of school-based courses to help therapists better treat their caseloads!

CE For Therapy viewers are able to subscribe to the  MedBridge basic plan, which includes Continuing Education, Compliance Training, Certification Prep Programs, Live Webinars, and a Clinician Mobile App, for a discounted annual fee of $200, if they use this link: or by  entering the promo code CEforTHERAPY  on the  MedBridge cart page.

Additional Featured Physical Therapy CEUs Provider

Physical Therapy CEUs

Another one of our featured providers of Online Physical Therapy CEUs is HomeCEUConnection. who provides an unlimited subscription to Physical Therapy University. HomeCEU offers convenient text-based, premium video-based, and live interactive CEU options – something for every learning style and budget! The text and video-based on-demand courses are mobile friendly – so you can complete your CE courses on your tablet or phone, whenever and wherever you are! HomeCEU is offering offering to CE For Therapy visitors a special 20% discount on all of their courses and popular Flex packages with promo code: CE4T20. With a Flex Packages, you can mix and match their top selling courses, with over 1,000 hours of course options to choose from! Or, if you want individual courses, this special offer applies to EVERYTHING.

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How many CEUs do you need for physical therapy?

At this time, we will not be addressing some other important CE factors such as level of evidence and CE approval. We have found a very useful resource for determining Physical Therapy CEUs requirements for individual states on the website, link to page is . Another good resource for determining individual state Continuing Competence Activity Approval is the Jurisdiction Licensure Reference Guide on the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy website. Link to site is