Our Mission is to provide a centralized resource for all physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, and other neuromuscular/manual practitioners to identify relevant, cutting edge, and up-to-date continuing education opportunities.

Continuing Education opportunities on this site will be divided into four major categories. Using our proprietary system, top vendors will be categorized based on the format of their presentation. Factors such as each vendor’s number of course offerings, their website appearance and function, and their sources of professional marketing will all be taken into account. A major component of any Continuing Education opportunity is its format, and since there is often different terminology used to describe similar formats, this site aims to clarify what offerings can be found in each category.

The first two categories are the top Multiple or General Topic Live CE providers and the top Specialized Live In-Person CE providers. For CE opportunities in which an instructor is physically present, terms such as ‘Live Seminar’, ‘Onsite Location Course’, and ‘Live Workshop’ are commonly used. For CE opportunities which are live, but remote, terms such as ‘Live Online Webcast’, ‘Live Webinars’, and ‘Live Video Webcast’ are used. These remote learning options can provide synchronous learning similar to that of in-person seminars. This is accomplished through the use of instant messaging, live video conferencing, and live two-way video.

The third category is top Online On-Demand Providers – Multiple Topic and Specialized.
This includes vendors who offer courses that are commonly described as ‘Online On-Demand’, ‘On-Demand Webinars’, ‘Recorded Webinars’, ‘Online Video’, ‘Streaming Seminars’, or that are available on DVD or Audio CD.

The fourth category will be Diverse Offerings. Unlike the other three categories, this category is not based on format. Instead, it focuses on many of the smaller or single topic vendors or institutions. These may include vendors that offer trademarked, proprietary, non-prescribed curriculum, or non-traditional topics, techniques, and certifications.

All vendor listings include a brief description of the course content taken directly from the individual vendor’s website.

At this time, we will not be addressing certain other important CE factors, such as level of evidence and CE approval. Many of the courses provide some type of description of their approval level, and we are going to let the individual practitioners make their own judgments about evidence levels as they explore the course content at the individual vendor’s website. The American Physical Therapy Association and its various State Chapters are also a good source of CE opportunities for their members, and at this point we have not included any of their specific courses within our listings.